Portland-based commercial+editorial portrait photographer working in the advertising and entertainment realm.

Recent Clients: Sandbox Studio / Creative Drive, Laundry Service, Nike, Splash Worldwide, Swift Co, JBTV Music Television, Cumulus Media, Nielsen, US Exchange Holdings

Voice: 312.590.1485

The Blah Blah Blah: 

As the son of a Texas high school football coach and the nephew of a rock-and-roll loving rodeo star, it seemed as though I was destined for the cowboy life. Though I could bale hay with the best of them, I spent most of my childhood in the world of my imagination, a place filled with wild imagery and extraordinary storylines. 

Never one to idle, I navigated through adulthood by immersing myself in my many passions. For 15 years I worked as a corporate network engineer by day while producing music and touring with my bandmates by night. It wasn't until a move from Texas to Chicago that I would discover my insatiable passion for creating images and would spend the next decade studying cinematic lighting and portraiture while photographing many amazing and interesting people, including some of today's most eminent entertainers such as Gary Numan, The Struts and Foster the People. 

Now, a decade forward, I find myself seeking a story in every image, treating subjects as characters rather than models by directing them into roles rather than conventional poses. Whether shooting an editorial assignment, commercial portrait, or the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, I strive to produce images that are consistently sophisticated, dramatic, and captivating.